Candidates Announced for 2020 District Election


The filing deadline for nominations in the upcoming Fire District 1 election has closed. Two candidates are on the ballot for the position of Clerk/Treasurer. They are Christine Curtis of 13 Valley View Drive and Terie Fleury of 394 Newton Street. John Wojciechowski is on the ballot for a full three-year term on the Prudential Committee following his interim appointment to an open seat on that board last June. Brian McClaflin is on the ballot for a three-year seat on the Board of Water Commissioners and incumbent Mark A. Beauregard is on the ballot for reelection to a one-year term as District Moderator. A link to the sample ballot is below. 

The election will take place on Tuesday, March 3 at South Hadley High School in the cafeteria during the same hours as the presidential primary and the annual South Hadley Town election. This is the second year that both Fire Districts will conduct their elections at the same time and place as the Town.

Questions regarding absentee ballots or the election should be directed to the District Clerk/Treasurer’s Office by calling Interim Clerk/Treasurer Ira Brezinsky at 413.538.9044 or emailing